Gumroad Double Exposure Tutorial

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One of the things I’ve become known for over the years are my double exposures. It’s something I’ve been obsessed with since I started photography. The only tutorials that I could ever find were the basic of the basic, which is great, but I’m not really into basic images. I WANT to do most of my doubles in camera, but that’s not always possible. And I know that some camera systems don’t have live previews for doubles the way Canon does. That’s why my tutorial covers in camera doubles and how to create them in photoshop

Double Exposure Tutorial

NEW AND UPDATED! NEW 47 Page Tutorial with rewritten and added content. NEW 50 Page Creative Workbook to help you stretch your creative muscles in photography. NEW 17 videos of me creating double exposures in Photoshop.
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Download Gumroad.Double.Exposure.Tutorial.rar from (2.62 GB)
Download Gumroad.Double.Exposure.Tutorial.rar from (2.62 GB)  

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